What is Shamanism

Eva Rosenn, Shamanic Healer

Shamanism is the oldest of spiritual traditions, and it is found in most hunter-gatherer cultures. Virtually all of the world's religions have their roots in shamanism, though those roots may no longer be obvious. The word shaman comes to us from the Siberian Tungus, but it is derived from the ancient Vedic Sanskrit word sram, meaning "to heat oneself or practice austerities."

The shaman is one who navigates between the visible world and the invisible spirit world, healing, divining, helping the dead cross over, and tracking lost souls, objects and game. In the words of Joan Halifax, the shaman is "a specialist in the human soul."

The shaman is one who restores harmony, to individuals, to communities, and to the world. Many traditions say that the way of the shaman is the way of power, but a good shaman always uses his or her power for the greater good. The way of the shaman is the path of service.



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