Shamanic Healing

Eva Rosenn, Shamanic Healer

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing assumes that all illness has a spiritual as well as a physical component. A person who is physically ill has become spiritually out of balance, and balance must be restored for healing to occur.

Traditional shamanic cultures regard the following as primary sources of illness:

  • soul loss—where parts of the soul, or life force, split off or "dissociate" as the result of trauma
  • spiritual intrusion—where the void created by soul loss allows entry of negative energy
  • power loss—the loss of guardian spirits
By clearing energy blocks and restoring a person's vitality, the shaman reconnects the client with his or her essential self, life purpose, sense of oneness with the universe, and joy.

How does Shamanic Healing Work?

Physicists are now confirming what traditional societies have always known—that ours is not the only reality. Most traditional cultures have mapped that cosmology similarly, usually dividing it into upper, middle, and lower worlds.

Shamans are trained to journey to this alternate universe, also called the spirit world, to retrieve lost soul parts, find spirit guides, and bring back information. In traditional hunting societies, shamans also journeyed to the spirit world to learn where game, enemies, and lost objects might be found in this world.

Since time and space are different in the spirit world, shamanic healing can be effected long-distance.

Shamanic Healing Can Help:

  • Spiritual malaise
  • Depression
  • Chronic illness & pain
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Chronic bad luck
  • Addictive behaviors

What Happens during a Session?

  • We begin with a brief initial conversation.
  • I open up sacred space.
  • You lie down if you are able; all that I ask is that you remain open to the possibility of healing.
  • I do a short journey to see what my spirit guides say you might need.
  • I will then do a longer journey to perform the healing tasks that my spirit guides advise.
  • I will then relate my journey and any further actions suggested by my guides.
  • Follow-up sessions are strongly suggested in cases of soul retrieval, to support energy reintegration and the letting go of compensatory habits in order to anchor the soul part.
  • Sessions typically last 1-1/2 to 2 hours, and can occur long-distance.

Disclaimer: Even in traditional shamanic cultures, spiritual healing is an adjunct to, not a substitute for, standard medical techniques. Likewise, spiritual healing is not necessarily a physical cure.



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